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American Artist Ginger James is not painting pretty pictures to hang in the parlor. She's making a statement about her times. The worlds' best artists painted a diary of their lives. Frieda Kahlo showed her love for Diego, her disasters and her pain. Picasso painted the many women in his life, in sleepy sensual repose, and their despair. When you view the paintings, you can see their daily lives, passion, poverty, perversions and love of life. It's all there, in paint, in color and form. The diary of an artist. This is the work that fascinates me.

Ginger James American Artist

“Ask About Poster Sizes 11 x 17- 18 x 24 – 28 x 40 and 36 x 48”

Ships to USA only – Ask about International Rates

Men Servants

We all like an Elegant Man Servant to Nourish and Entertain us occasionally, and These Boys Love Their work...

Drag Show

To Add some Color and Sparkle, Ginger met, Watched, photographed and painted these Beautiful Drag Performers-Enjoy!

The Artist and Her Model

The Artist and HER Model. Historically It has always been The Artist and HIS Model. Bout time we change that, Ginger James is doing just that! See them here, and you can own one.

Masterpiece Reversals

James has Reversed The Reclining Woman Models of Many Old Masters into her own version of Inspirational Luxury.

Doodle Painting of Yourself or Friend!

Only $215 Be a Harem Man! A Harem Empresss

$12 Small Signed Prints

Affordable 8" x10" Prints From Zorgio and Ginger James -bring some into your World!

No Greetings at this time

Get A Personalized Reel From ZaZa and Zorgio! Zappy Birthday! Conzapulations! Love Note, or Thanks!

Signed Photos of Zaza and Zorgio

Get signed Photos of The Original Zorgolians and Ginger James!


Dolls, Assemblage Items, Constructions

The Geometry of Jamesism

Ginger James Forms Her Figures Geometrically

Come See The Harem Men and Genies

Originals and prints available

True Nudes

Adult Section 18 and Older Saucy Images COMING SOON!

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